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Updated: May 1, 2024

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What is an Ozone Free Air Purifier, and what is the best one out there?

An air purifier cleans the air in your home or office and improving your air quality. Pet dander and hair, dust, and even food odors can be unpleasant, and  Ozone Free Air Purifiers will clean all these and more out of your air, without adding additional Ozone.

That’s right, some air purifiers actually make ozone, which when you think about it is really counterproductive. Ozone can actually be just as bad for you as cigarettes. If you don’t let people smoke cigarettes around you, why would you want an ozone generator masked as an air purifier around you?  There are a lot of different kinds of air purifiers, and they are not all healthy. Some are even ozone generators, which is why it is so important to find a purifier for your home or office that reduces your ozone exposure.

Why Go Ozone Free?   

Why Ozone free though? Aren’t filters enough? No, filters alone do not reduce your ozone exposure. Ozone can hurt your lungs and cause other issues, so using an Ozone Free Air Purifier creates a positive health benefit by cleaning your air for anyone that enters the room, without adding additional pollutants. Air purifiers with true HEPA are your best protection against air pollution to give you the best air possible.

Ways To Improve Air Quality

There are several different types of air purifiers. Electronic air filters use an electronic method such as UV light, ionizers, plasma, PCO, ESP, and a few others. This is the category that the air purifiers that actually create ozone fall into. Generators and ionizers are the highest ozone-producing purifiers that are out there. Mechanical air purifiers use charcoal or HEPA filters and there are also hybrid units out there that use a little of both methods.

1. Overall Best Ozone Free Air Purifier: LEVOIT H13 True HEPA LV-H133
6,568 Reviews

1. Overall Best Ozone Free Air Purifier: LEVOIT H13 True HEPA LV-H133

• Body-hugging, 4D design
• High-density foam padding that stands up to serious use
• Re-enforced steel frame
• Sakura base
• Full PINK experience
• SGS level 4 gas lift

• 3 different fan speeds
• 3-stage filter (preliminary filter + HEPA filter + carbon filter)
• The HEPA filter in this is an H13 true HEPA filter, and a testing report is available
• Push-button control panel

• The air purifier filter should be replaced every six months or so
• Weighs 23.7 lbs., so moving it could be difficult for some individuals


This is by far one of our favorite air purifiers. Not only is it an air purifier that does not produce

ozone, but because of the activated carbon filter, it can actually REMOVE some of the ozone particles already in your air! It is also Energy Star Certified, so this air purifier saves you money while saving your lungs! A neat feature of this air purifier is that in auto mode, it can detect the quality of your air and adjust its fan speed accordingly. There have already been over 3 million units sold. It is also an affordable unit, and the replacement filters are also reasonable for the work it does.  It looks stylish in any home and is certainly the most functional of the air purifiers. This is certainly the best all-around air purifier we have found.


This air purifier has the ability to reduce the number of particles from the air of things like pet dander and pet hair, dust mites, dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, and VOCs which will really improve your air quality.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 23.7 lbs.
  • Rated Power:  47W
  • Room Coverage Area: 538 square feet (50 sq m) in 18 minutes, 881 square feet in 30 min
  • Filtration Media: HEPA  filters,  carbon filters
  • Filtration Life: 6-8 months, depending on surrounding air quality
  • Noise Level: <5 4dB. Sleep mode reduces this to 25dB
  • Delivery rate: 274 CFM
  • Warranty: 1 year included, but there is an option to purchase an additional year
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2. Our Choice For Runner Up: Blueair 211 Air Purifier

• 3-stage filtration with a fabric filter, a particle filter, and a carbon filter
• 360-degree airflow       
• Independently tested
• The fabric filter is washable
• HEPA filter
• Washable colored exterior filters make this air purifier completely customizable to your decor!
• 3-speed fan speed

• One push-button control. Meaning if you want the second option and get distracted you will have to cycle back through.
• No timer
• No internal air sensors for auto-adjusting


This is one of the ozone-free air purifiers that comes with a bit more premium price tag, but it is an attractive model that is aesthetically pleasing. It has a black and white theme, with the top half being white, the bottom black, and a white button logo dead center. Just like our number one choice, it has a carbon filter. This air purifier not only is ozone free but can help to remove existing ozone particles in your interior area. It will filter particles like pet dander,  pet hair, dust mites, allergens and irritants, mold, smoke, and odor-causing bacteria particles. If you are not a fan of black and white, you can order a different color fabric filter. This customizable purifier is definitely a must for those who prefer to constantly change their interior design and style. There is grey, black, blue, yellow and pink available. The features and performance make this the second-best air purifier we have found.


  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 20.4 inches
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Rated Power: 30-61 W
  • Coverage Area: 540 square feet
  • Filtration Media: fabric/particle filter/carbon filter
  • Filtration Life: around 6 months
  • Noise Level:56 dB on high low is 31 dB
  • Delivery Rate:350 cfm
  • Warranty: 1 Year

3. SilverOnyx Air Purifier
4,093 Reviews

3. SilverOnyx Air Purifier

• 5 stages of filtration including activated carbon filters, H13 HEPA, and UV light
• Timer
• Air sensor to automatically adjust airflow
• Push-button control panel
• 360 degrees of air purification

• There are a lot of display icons, which can get confusing
• Only covers 500 sq ft, which is still a large room, but covers less area than our top choices
• It is recommended to clean the filter monthly


This small and lightweight model can easily be moved from room to room if desired. With five stages of filtering, this air purifier with a true H13 HEPA filter is a great option for a home with pets or for those who have allergies. It will clean your air with a high-efficiency particulate air rate with its multiple air filters. It has UV c light and ionizers to fully clean your home.  It could also be a good choice for an office space that is near a dusty work area, with this lightweight and easy to transport model the possibilities are endless! It has a sleek black silo shape, and the filter is easy to change with only a counterclockwise turn and an upwards pull. These reasons are why we chose this as the third-best air purifier.

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.39 lbs
  • Rated Power: n/a
  • Room Coverage Area:     500 sq ft
  • Filtration Media: mesh filter for large particles/H13 True HEPA filter / activated carbon  / negative ion generator / UV light
  • Filtration Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Delivery Rate: n/a
  • Warranty: 1 year

4. IQAir HealthPro HEPA Air Purifier
1,424 Reviews

4. IQAir HealthPro HEPA Air Purifier

• Powerful medical-grade air cleaning
• Great for allergies and asthma
• Comes with a remote control
• 6 speed
• Draft free
• The filters these air purifiers use last a good amount of time

• This is a large air purifier and will take up space
• This air purifier is heavy, it will be difficult to move from room to room or to vacuum around unless optional wheels added


This elite air purifier is a work of art. It would be ideal for someone fascinated with architecture or construction. It almost resembles a fancy office building with a curved bridge-like base. This model has six speeds and comes with a handy remote control, or can be used with the built-in panel on top. If purchased from the manufacture’s website, you can set up a payment plan making it a very affordable purifier. Although this model is quite heavy, it does have wheels that can be put on which will make it easier to move unless you have a heavily carpeted house. This is an investment, but especially if you have children with health issues this is a worthwhile investment with along warranty that will last you since it removes particulates like odors, allergens, and other common irritants.


  • Dimensions: 32.25 X 17.83 X 15.38 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Rated Power: 27 watts at the lowest speed, 215 watts at the highest speed
  • Coverage Area: 1,125 square feet    
  • Filters: hyper HEPA filters
  • Filtration Life: 18 months for the pre-filter, 2 years for the cell filter, and 4 years for the HEPA filter (if used on speed 3 for 10 hours a day)
  • Noise Level: level 1: 35 decibels, level 2: 46 dB, level 3: 54 dB, level 4: 60 dB, level 5: 64 dB and 69 dB at stage 6
  • Delivery Rate:  n/a
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

5. Medify Air MA-50 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter
445 Reviews

5. Medify Air MA-50 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter

• Large coverage area
• Child lock
• Night mode
• 4-speed fan
• Built-in handle
• Tempered glass control panel
• 8-hour timer

• Over two feet tall
• The home air purifier warranty is only valid if an authentic replacement filter is used
• Filter replacement can be pricey


This is a mid-level type of air cleaners that are sleek and stylish. It has an all-black color and is a reasonable weight. If purchased from the manufacturer’s website, white is also a color choice. This air purifier can clean a large area in a short amount of time, giving you almost instantly cleaner air quality. It has a built-in handle to make it easier to move from room to room if you have a larger house. This air purifier, like many of the other air purifiers,  cleans your air of particles like germs, pollen, mold, nasty odors, smoke, and dust with its three-stage filter.


  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 11 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Rated Power: 54 watts
  • Room coverage Area: 420 square feet in 15 minutes, 840 sq ft in 30 min, and 1,600 sq ft in an hour     
  • Filtration Media: initial filter, H13 True HEPA, and carbon composite filters
  • Filtration Life: 3,000 hours or 6 months
  • Noise Level: Minimum speed is 46 dBA and Maximum  speed is  66 dBA
  • Air delivery rate: 250
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on parts and service as long as the filters are changed every 3000 hours or 6 months with genuine MEDIFY air filters.

6. Medify Air MA-14-W Air Purifier
22,941 Reviews

6. Medify Air MA-14-W Air Purifier

• Optional night light
• Sleep mode
• easily filter replacement
• 3 fan speeds
• Extremely lightweight and portable

• Covers a smaller home area than most air purifiers
• More frequent filter replacement than other brands


This is a smaller version of the air purifiers that we discussed above. These air purifiers are available in either white or black. What makes this air purifier unique is that it comes with a built-in optional night light. These air purifiers are a great choice for smaller homes or areas with less room coverage. It is extremely lightweight and can be moved with ease from room to room so you can improve your air quality everywhere. This air purifier is also extremely affordable, so it is great if you are on a budget that will want to improve their air and life by incorporating air purifiers into their home life.


  • Dimensions: 12 X 8 X 8 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Rated Power: 26 watts
  • Coverage Area: 117 square feet in 15 minutes, 200 sq ft in 30 min, and 470 sq ft in an hour        
  • Filtration Media: H13 HEPA
  • Filtration Life: 2,400 hours or 3-4 months
  • Noise Level: maximum of 55 dB
  • Clean air delivery Rate: 120
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on parts and service
  • as long as the filters are changed every 2,400 hours or 3-4 months with genuine MEDIFY air filters.

7. Colzer Air Purifier with True HEPA Air filter for home model EPI-186


This air purifier is a great choice for smaller spaces in the home such as a nursery, bathroom, or laundry room. It has a modern design and is small and compact. This would be ideal to take to work for a small office area, or even used in a home office situation. The activated carbon later can actually help reduce the amount of ozone in your area. The sleep mode makes it a great option for a smaller bedroom because it is about equivalent in noise to a rural area at night. This is a great choice if you want to breathe easily and sleep soundly at night.



  • Can filter formaldehyde particles
  • Air analyzer for automatic speed adjustment
  • Filter replacement indicator light with green, yellow, and red indication lights
  • Easy filter replacement


  • Is not as efficient in a larger area
  • Is a little heavy for its size


  • Dimensions: 6 X 12.2 X 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 10.58 lbs
  • Rated Power: n/a
  • Room Coverage Area: up to 450 sq ft         
  • Filtration Media: HEPA  and an activated carbon layer
  • Filtration Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: sleep mode is 29 dB
  • Air delivery rate: 85 cfm
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

8. Bissell Smart Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters,  Air Cleaner Model air220, 2609A
6,460 Reviews

8. Bissell Smart Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters, Air Cleaner Model air220, 2609A

• Not only does this monitor your air quality, but it provides colored-coded, indoor air quality feedback ( a VOC sensor) and then adjusts to the appropriate fan speed.
• Includes a cord storage area for when it's not in use purifying your air
platform legs for maximum airflow
• 5 fan speeds
• It has a built-in carrying handle

• This purifier has a dial control instead of a push-button feature like most home purifiers incorporate. This could either be a pro or a con, depending on your personal preferences.
• At almost 20 lbs it can be difficult to move around the home to different rooms for some people
• The feedback panel does not have the ability to be dimmed


Yes, Bissel makes more than just vacuums. This is a three-stage filtration device that catches all the gross stuff in your air; particles like pollen, pet dander, dust, and smoke, and even traps odors such as pet, smoke, and even the occasional cooking mishap we all try to avoid. It has both auto and sleep modes. This is a great choice for much larger spaces such as basements or dining rooms. If you are a pet lover, proceeds of sales of this item go to an organization that saves pets. Another perk is that the cord for this is six feet long, so you have some options on where to place it in relation to your wall outlets. With a three-year warranty, you can have peace of mind that your air purification system will last. It is available in both black and grey options.


  • Dimensions: 8.3 X 14.75 X 25 inches
  • Weight: 18.3 lbs
  • Rated Power: n/a
  • Room Coverage Area: 800 sq ft
  • Filtration Media: pre-filter, both carbon, and HEPA
  • Filtration Life: both the carbon and HEPA filters should be replaced every six months for best air
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Clean air delivery Rate: n/a
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty

9. Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier
6,051 Reviews

9. Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier

• Only two filters to change, including a true HEPA filter
• Built-in programmable timer
• 4 stages of air quality and particles monitoring
• Pre-filter is washable
• Filter replacement occurs annually

• This is not as budget-friendly as other models, it is an ozone-free investment
• This version does not have wifi capabilities or an app
• Replacement filters are not as budget-friendly as other options


This upscale designed Airmega 300 air purifier removes airborne particles like allergens, fungi, and pollen; as well as odors, gasses, and VOCs. The Airmega 300 has three modes: the smart mode that automatically adjusts its fan speed and room coverage based on the number of particles in the air surrounding the air purifier, the eco mode to save energy when it detects very few harmful particles in the surrounding air,  and the sleep mode to reduce noise at night. It has a modern design and can be incorporated into most décor schemes in any home. The Airmega 300 also has a standard five-year warranty to give you peace of mind that your investment for the healthiest air will be worthwhile.


  • Dimensions: 21.2 X 13.6 X 13.6 inches
  • Weight: 21.4 lbs
  • Rated Power: 57 watts
  • Coverage Area: 1,256 square feet
  • Filtration Media: there is an initial washable particle filter and a true HEPA filter that is combined with carbon.
  • Filtration Life:  1 year
  • Noise Level: depending on the fan level, from 22 to 52 dB
  • Clean air delivery Rate: n/a
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

10. Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier, Extra-Large Room
31,300 Reviews

10. Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier, Extra-Large Room

• Touch control panel
• Built-in timer
• Control panel dimmer

• Only genuine Honeywell filters are recommended for the best results
• You pay the shipping fee for warranty work


What makes this air purifier unique is the cleaning stages it has. The cleaning stages are called germ, allergen, general clean, and turbo. This is a great allergen reducer model, so allergy sufferers can breathe air without added ozone or pollution. This air purifier is independently tested so you know you are actually getting an air purifier that will remove particles from the air. Another unique feature of this specific air purifier is that it has an option to dim the lights on the control panel at night.


  • Dimensions: 20.8 X 10.83 X 22.38 inches
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Rated Power: n/a
  •  Coverage Area: 465 square feet
  • Filtration Media: pre-filter: activated carbon, true HEPA filter
  • Filtration Life: 6 months
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Clean air delivery Rate: 300 for smoke and pollen, 320 for dust
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

People Also Ask

Can Air Purifiers Remove Ozone?

It honestly depends on the air purifier. Ozone is a gas, not a particle. Air purifiers that use ozone generators or ionizers do not remove ozone; they actually produce it. However, an air purifier with an activated carbon filter will. Currently, the activated carbon filter is the ONLY way to filter ozone out of your air.  If you are in California, the California air resources board has strict quality control and requirements on this. The California air resources board recommends purifiers that do not produce additional ozone such as ionizers and recommends purifiers that can help to reduce the existing ozone.

Are Honeywell Air Purifiers Ozone Free?

According to the manufacturer website, Honeywell home air purifiers are ozone free and use HEPA filters. However, the Honeywell electronic cleaner does produce a trace amount of ozone. Your best bet is to make sure you get one of the Honeywell air purifiers, not a Honeywell cleaner. Purify, don’t clean.

Do Holmes Air Purifiers Produce Ozone?

Holmes air purifiers offer true HEPA protection, some with a carbon filter. The Holmes air purifiers with true HEPA  filters will not produce ozone, but they won’t reduce existing ozone from your air either. The Holmes models with a carbon filter and true HEPA  will reduce some existing ozone, as well as not produce any further pollution.

Let’s Recap

Researching air purifiers can be daunting but worth it because finding the best air purifier will give you the peace of mind that the air in your home is fresh and clean. You should look for one of the ozone-free air purifiers that comes with a HEPA filter, specifically a true HEPA filter. In addition, a carbon filter (or activated carbon filter)  in conjunction with a true HEPA filter will give you even better results than just getting an expensive filter for your HVAC system that will not offer the same benefits as purifiers.