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Air Monitoring Sites Map - Click on site number for more information
Air Monitoring Sites Tangerine Coachline Orange Grove Children's Park Prince Road Cherry and Glenn Geronimo 22 and Alvernon 22 and Craycroft South Tucson Rose Elementary Santa Clara Saguaro National Park (East) Fairgrounds Corona de Tucson Green Valley Golf Links and Kolb Green Valley Fire

Air Monitoring Sites - Listing

  1. 22 and Craycroft
  2. 22 and Alvernon
  3. Geronimo
  4. South Tucson
  5. Prince Road
  6. Corona de Tucson
  7. Santa Clara
  8. Green Valley
  9. Children's Park


  1. Orange Grove
  2. Tangerine
  3. Rose Elementary
  4. Coachline 
  5. Cherry and Glenn
  6. Fairgrounds
  7. Saguaro National Park (East)
  8. Golf Links and Kolb
  9. Green Valley Fire

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